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About ME

Born in central Persia in 1974, Neda Badiei is blessed with a unique artistic talent that makes her paintings literally come alive. Many years of intense study across the world has enabled Ms Badiei to display a passion unseen by most other contemporary artists. The fascinating element for her was the interaction of many cultures and ethnicities, which Neda has incorporated into all of her oil paintings. Subjects vary from incredibly detailed portraits, scenic landscapes, breath-taking wildlife and animals, and charming still life paintings.

Neda has a large portfolio of paintings for sale, or she is willing to paint most subjects on a special order basis. " A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comfort and inspires me. " Hedy Lamarr"

Artist Statement:

Painting can illuminate stillness. It can rectify the impossible. Defy gravity where heavy forms appear light like a feather and float rather than topple.

It can raise the tone in the room and the room in your heart. It can stimulate thought and vision and solutions to the un-confrontable. It might even simply bring you joy.

It can play tricks with the present and send you backwards forwards or any number of directions if you are not grounded.