Working Hours Monday - Friday 08:00-16:00
Toll Free 1800.899.900


  • Special Orders of any size or subject are welcomed. I do customize the size of the canvases and I also ship to any state or location. Complementary home or business visit for giving quotes and taking your ideas for creating a master piece.I am a member of and I periodically join the art exhibition shows ! It is a fun day to pass playing with colors and creating a beautiful piece of your own art by a vibrant amazing beach side of California. 


  • The Art classes offer the opportunity for intensive study, working from any subject appealing to student. Students will learn techniques and process to see and work to create their own art piece. The process includes structure, proportion & how to correctly block in the outside graphic shape, drawing the contour, mixing colors and using mediums. 


  • The techniques that Neda teaches will help students develop their artwork, conveying the natural organic forms and science of light on the form. Students will have the opportunity to work methodically through a process to compare what they see and draw from the subject. Neda’s teaching experience and artistry comes from years of study and practicing. During the classes students have the opportunity to further develop their artwork by working from still life or any photo they like. 


 Students have the option to work independently to create their own paintings. Neda Art Studio is located at :


305 North Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


* Portrates

* Family photos

* Pets

* Wild life

* Scenery 

* Ocean view 

* Still life